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Runnink out of Space

by Aurel Bílý and wan for LD42


It is the year 20XX.

Space (the black stuff in the sky) is limited! We need to get more ink to make more Space. Unfortunately, the only way to gather enough ink is to milk a Giant Deep-Space Cuttlefiship.

GDSC's envelop themselves in a protective puzzling labyrinth - a human would go mad in such a labyrinth. Instead, we are sending you, a PLYR robot with a unique ability – to forget very easily. Your memory is very limited. Not because we built you cheaply or anything.


The gameplay consists of exploring rooms, answering riddles, and transforming words, while managing a growing inventory of known world and words. Interact with the world by clicking on the game screen – an exclamation mark near the cursor indicates a possible interaction. During dialogues, you will encounter three special kinds of bubbles:

  • "Take word" (green bubble) – your goal is to guess what the answer to the riddle given in the preceding text is. Use the keyboard to answer. If you answer correctly, you will be able to take the word into your memory.
  • "Give word" (yellow bubble) – once again, your goal is to guess what the answer is, but this time you need to have the word in your inventory and drag and drop it over the bubble to answer.
  • "Modify word" (blue bubble) – the flavour text indicates what kind of word modification you can do here. Drag and drop words from your inventory onto the bubble to transform them.


  • mouse to interact and move
  • double-click to warp when moving
  • keyboard to type when needed
  • Q to start


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This game is great!


Interesting interactive point-n-click


This is hardcore in a very special sense. Although the puzzles are sometimes quite difficult, the much bigger challenge is to transform the words in the inventory into the solution words in the first place! The lumbago drips just like that, thanks to all the unique transformation mechanics in the different rooms! :D This very innovative concept of puzzle design coupled with the pleasantly odd scenario makes the whole game an outstanding submission to the Ludum Dare 42, in my opinion! <3 So I recommended your game in an article on our blog and uploaded a playthrough video as well. :) Thank you for this fantastic work and I wish you all the best for the ratings! Fingers crossed for a high ranking! <3

Best wishes,


As always, thanks for your review and kind words :) And a full video walkthrough takes a lot of patience!

As for the hardcore-ness, I tried to avoid overwhelming the player with possibilities. Except for one tough word, I think most of the words only go through one or two transformations before being used again. And I think taking notes while playing the game makes it a lot more bearable ;)


Really Good!